She doesn’t pass judgment

Next up in the guest blogger series,

It’s fun to watch her work. From the Mountains to the Sea, she strides comfortably into any arena, goofy sun glasses, martini (sic) in hand, cool chick chic’ aura, high heels clicking, and she sits her tiny frame on the sand with her mat, or maybe in a field, or smack in the middle of a mustard grass meadow in the foothills. Taking it all in she has the amazing ability to open her mind to her subconscious and put it out there for all of us to enjoy. With a brush and palette fins and a mat, her artwork strips bare the every aspect of our society that is stupid, time-consuming or morally out of whack. She doesn’t pass judgment on our deeds; she hands them to us and everyone else, like so many tickets to a concert and watches our amazed reaction from the front row as we make merry idiots of ourselves. Yippee! Enjoy the show even if it is a wake up call for your sense of mental vulnerability.


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