Big News

One of those blurry unrelated pics you get from 23B
good stuff though...
So unless you have been living under a rock

and even then...

you know the storm of the century


it doesn't really matter where you are

Pacific, Atlantic, I understand the Caspian sea

has red flag warnings

The surf near you will be big

how big?

somewhere between

2-3 to 20-50 to OMG

film at 11

and a host of GoPro videos soon to follow

Big comes and Big goes, wake me up when it's good!

(the real news, I hid it down here at the end, is that on the extreme tail end of the 10 weather forecast there is a 30 percent chance of rain. Now the end of the 10 forecast is about as reliable as the "lucky numbers" on the fortune cookies I get from Ed's Pup Taco and Chinese Food ToGo...but still)


So go surf, be careful, keep an eye on the kooks in the water


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