Summer came on Tuesday

So we all lose the woolly socks
that have keep us
these last few frigid winters months
or as I like to call it
Saturday and Sunday

We are shorn
of our heavy garb
permitting the sun to reach
places that haven't been sun kissed
since before the holidays

We don our shorts and slippas
and climb on the bus
to take us thru to summer
to then on to the fall

We try to remember
what summer used to be
sitting in the sun
listening to music
on a tiny speaker
in the sand

powered by a transistor

then transistors
were miniaturized
and whole batches
of LP records now fit
on my phone

only they aren't records
and LP
is just a charming bit
of historical trivia
from the sixties

The bus doesn't go to the beach anymore
it only stops at the dermatologist
who attempts to freeze off
those reminders
of summers past


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