the end is near!

no I don't mean the election season.
In this case I mean that you probably won't read a comprehensible post out of me for a while.

I recently purchased a stove top espresso maker. A purchase I have long pondered and have been able to resist until just last weekend.

Karl Marx said that "the history of society is the history of class struggle".

I would say that the history of my surfing has been the struggle to get myself out of bed in the morning, down to the beach and into a damp smelly wetsuit.

After that things just sort of run their course.

I have long used coffee (even before Starbucks) to make my day a little more pleasant, a little more active and basically bearable.

I resisted espresso like a recovering junkie resists the white lady. Knowing full well what lay in the cards not yet dealt.

But now my future spreads out in front of me like a sack of coffee beans spilled upon the floor.

Heading off in multiple directions at once, with neither rhyme nor reason in sight.

"jet propelled body surfing" indeed!

Onward and upward


Surfsister said…
Oh, Prana, it's Marx. (You and your spelling liberties!)

You would not survive at my job. One of the companies for whom we work makes coffee. We've even got an espresso maker. In fact, that's the only coffee you'll drink in our office. I, on the other hand, drink tea.
pranaglider said…
M, if I knew how to spell my misteaks would be liberties. Since I obviously cannot I view them as everchanging expansions of the living language that english is. (that even hurts my deaf ears!) But sorry and I have made the corrects (thanks)and this explains why I didn't credit Engals...
Jason Hall said…
I missteak sometimes too. But then I pickup a cut of prime and toss it on the bbq and it's all better.
Piskian said…
Try Lavazza Decaffeinato.You won't notice the difference.check out experiments of spiders on caffeine trying to build webs.
pranaglider said…
Jason -!

Pisky - My web building has always been my weak spot anyway. I just sort of skip it now.
Henry Hester said…
Sip it or skip it, I'm a SBucks man through and through. Venti Soy Mochas keep not only me but our economy buzzing. Go O.
Robin Thomson said…
Given up coffee, booze and anything with the remostest likelyhood of sugar in it this year. A bit over the top I know, but seemed appropriate at this point in time in my life. I miss coffee though and allow myself one each week just before my weekly piano lesson and will occasionally also imbibe if there is the possibility of a good conversation!
Piskian said…
And yet you still talk mostly gobbledeegook,Robin!What's your secret,mate?
pranaglider said…
Robin, If I had any sense at all I would too!

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