The nighttime temperatures have finally dropped to pre winter levels.

As I was looking thru my shoe annex looking for my trusty Ugg boots I came across my new wetsuit!

I needed a new one and took advantage of a sale on "vintage (last years) models" just before the weather turned hot several months ago. This one is made of limestone etc and has many of the bells and whistles one finds in wetsuits these days. I'm not sure what I am going to do with the bells just yet but I think the whistles will come in handy at some point.

Getting your wetsuit to fit is as important as it is in getting fins that fit. The size marker above assures me that this wetsuit will fit my potato like shape. (I plan on serious dieting during the Thanksgiving and Christmas feasting holidays)

Random street markings

"Surf mats defy common logic by going very fast by being very still"


pranaglider said…
XLS, I believe stands for Xtra Large Surely you jest if you think you are going into this wetsuit...

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