It's Saturday?

It's raining, I know because the cat is giving me that "oh no you didn't" look when I opened the door in response to his incessant scratching. I'm not sure what bothers me the most, that he thinks I control the weather or that he can channel the Maury Povich Show contestants this time of the morning.

Some Dylan and the Dead seems appropriate. Don't ask me why

She said that all the railroad men
Just drink up your blood like wine
An’ I said, “Oh, I didn’t know that
But then again, there’s only one I’ve met
An’ he just smoked my eyelids
An’ punched my cigarette”

Snappy lyrics probably have something to do with it.

I have no idea where or when this if from maybe recorded live during the 1987 tour.

Not interested?  The cat wasn't either.

Makes me two for two today!


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