2012 Kneeboard Surfing USA Titles

Kneeboard Surfing USA 2012 Kneeboard Surfing USA Titles - Hungington Beach

The 2012 Kneeboard Surfing USA Titles and Festival will return Huntington Beach, CA. The Kneeboard Surfing USA Titles will be held on Friday January 27th and Saturday January 28th. Last year's competition in Huntington Beach was an overwhelming success. 

I have mentioned previously that I don't like contests. The conditions are so variable and I don't think you can objectively judge an art form. But like most of the non mainstream surf forms the knee riders have contests, for the most part, just to get together.  A cheerful group of tube hunters  in general, and as I found out one morning as I swam out unawares into the middle of a local gathering, very interested in surf mats.  

Go for the contest and stay for the festival.

Surf should be good and offshore winds are expected to pick up Friday night. 

Lots of interesting stuff to do over the weekend but I'll go into that tomorrow.

I'll be in Riverside

BTW it's knee board week over at Korduroy.TV


Piskian said…
Be very wary of those kneelos!They drop in mercilessly and propagate disturbing facial topiary...
pranaglider said…
Yes indeed, "disturbing facial topiary" gives me chills as well. Good advise
Mateo said…
Should we have a surfmat night-surf amidst the legless festivities? Mattitude has a big box of glow-sticks hes itchin to pass out amongst the matters!

Also theres gonna be a raffle this year with 8 foam kneeboards and 2 flexspoons! and a indo-trip! Get yur tickets!

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