surfy growy rainy

RT over at WWAARRBBLLEESS always has the best stuff.
Always interesting to see how his movies, clips and works in projects change as time passes.
(Does time pass? It's always right now. As true when I wrote it as it is when you are reading it, right now!)

But I digress

Super fun surfing
Watch it twice
Thanks RT!


Lloyd Kahn

I have, on more than one occasion, thrown in some tidbits regarding Lloyd Kahn here on 23B. Builder, early editor to the Whole Earth Catalog (the place for new ideas and information sharing before the internet), runner, beach comber, editor of Shelter Publications, skateboarder, gardener and someone who seems to be having a heck of a lot of fun in the process.


The rain hadn't started yet when I got up at 5.
Ok it was 5:15 gimme a break it's Friday.
Anyway now at 7am it's definitely raining.
Or as we like to say "The cat is not happy"

So  be careful, drive safely and have a nice weekend.


Growling Gecko said…
The cat is not happy but just imagine if he was not happy and

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