Off to Spain

After some trouble with his email account Graeme has asked me to meet him in Spain for a surf!

Mundaka : photo Karen ASP/Covered Images

He says he has a great hotel right next to a trippy park in front of the famous break!

He says bring all your cameras, cash and credit cards.

Funny he didn't he didn't say anything about mats and fins!

I have to hurry to catch my flight out of LAX will post soonest.


LESider said…
I got an email from him but he was just trying to mooch some money off me. Some sob story about being robbed at gunpoint.
pranaglider said…
Update from LAX flight 23B -

LESider, I sent him 500 bucks and I got an invitation to come over the pond! The email didn't sound quite like G-man but he's been stressed.

Update soon. Gee these TSA people sure are friendly
Anonymous said…
Little fecker's still on my account.

Google are moving so slowly... It's almost like their real interest is in getting money from advertisers rather than protecting the privacy and identity of their users.

I'm sure that's not the case though. :-0

Unknown said…

Cant see the name!!!Put the money where you said. On my fourth con leche feelin sick, how long will you be?

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