I'm Done

I uttered these words  after tearing out most of the old summer / fall garden over the long weekend.
Not much surf on tap and with gardening you have to complete some things before you start on others.

But then, it occurred to me that I wasn't really "done"

That the work I had just completed was merely a point in a circle.

I will plant a Winter garden  (yea for SoCal and our mild winters)
Then it would be time to turn that into mulch and plant for the Spring
and then repeat the process for Summer
Which will lead me back to tearing out the summer garden again.

So many of the things we do are cyclical but we seem to thing of them as linear.

Surfing is like that

you paddle out

you catch a wave in

you paddle back out

That certain seems cyclical
You repeat those cyclical surf days over and over
cyclical  again

When someone asks you how long you have surfed, do you reply with how many seasons?

"Well I'm finishing up with my forty-eighth cycle! I start number forty-nine next Summer!"

No I don't either, but maybe it would be more accurate if we did.

Something to ponder on a Monday.

Have a circular day!


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