New Mat Get Together Date!

Everyone's excited about the mat meet!

The mat get together is now set for Saturday August 21 at Cottons.

Maybe, I have been somewhat Saturday-centric in my thinking is a Sunday get together as good as a Saturday?  Should be swell enough for the whole weekend.

Let me know in the comments!

Given the current long range surf forecasts and the sorry state of the short range, (small and falling off) I hope delaying a week will get us some more swell.

If you plan on attending (whether you do or not is another matter, I completely understand) please state your intentions in the comments section. I'd like to get some idea of the size of the group. thanks

Mattitude has suggested that T-Street in San Clemente be considered as an alternative (see comments in preceding posts) and I think that having an alternate spot is a good idea. If anyone has strong feelings about this jump right in and tell us in the comments section.

By delaying the meet we are hopefully trading knee to waist high surf for some shoulder to head high plus sets.

(BTW, Does it ever bother you that since we have a go at this from a prone position that knee high and head high are almost exactly the same?)

From the photo above you can see that the cotton's approach is just like going to Trestles except when after walking down the trail and hitting the sand you go right instead of left. Some classic misdirection working for our advantage here as most people take the walk and head down to Trestles.

Trafalgar Street is just a quick jump of  the 5 freeway.

In other news

I had my first ever run in with someone on a mat the yesterday!  My area is lousy with surf boards, body boards, SUP's, wave ski's etc but I have never run into someone with a mat that I didn't already know or hadn't brought along, until yesterday when I ran into the owner of the world's only Fatty Roundtail Tracker at Bolsa!


Glassics said…
I plan on being there.
Val said…
Sounds fun, I'll plan to be there! What time roughly?
Surfsister said…
Where is Cottons?

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