Surf meet news - blow up your chess boards!

Right after I declared that the surf mat congregation would be on Saturday I was advised on several fronts that  Sunday would be better, like 4 more people better (which is a lot for these things) so now I am leaning toward Sunday the 22 nd (if the 23 rd was an option at all, it would be a no brainer and I am very well qualified for that).

Since we still have over a week, I am not too worried.
Try and keep your calendar clear for the weekend of the 21 and 22.
Let me know your day preference!
I will try to get as many people together as possible,
in the event of a tie, with people available on both days,
it will be the "weekend of the mat" and I will surf both days!
(the things I do for my fellow matters!)

All of this kind of reminds me of an email Dale sent the other day.
More specifically a GG quote contained there in.

"Surfing is not a social activity!" 
"It`s like a game of water chess!" 
(George Greenough - 2004)

With that sage advise ringing in my ears I'm off to check the surf. 

So blow up your chess boards and we'll all meet where the water meets the sky.

Post Post Update
I should have know something was fishy when Jason posted a "best of" piece so early in the morning. The swell has really dropped off and its still crowded!
I was worth it though just to see the new shape of the sand in the river mouth and to watch the sand cliffs "calf" into the river.  


Quiver said…
In honor of the Southern get-together, and because I can't find the time to travel that far, I will be having a Northern version on the same day/weekend. Location to be decided based on the surf/weather forecast and if anyone else is interested. My home base is OBSF, but I'll travel as far as I can in the time I have.
pranaglider said…
Quiver, Great idea! I'll catch a wave in your honor down south.
nate said…

Let's try to meet up that weekend. I usually surf from HMB to OBSF.
Quiver said…
Pray for Sun (and maybe some surf.)
Quiver said…
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Quiver said…
Nate, there looks to be surf coming for the weekend. If we meet up, I need it to be Saturday because plans have been made for me Sunday. The weather forecast looks like we'll have the typical NW winds of summer, so our best bet is to start early.
My preference is dawn at Ano on Saturday. If that isn't working then we'll be close to other spots and it will be early enough that the wind will be at it's lowest of the day. How does this sound to you?

(Had to delete the last one because it had a typo that confused everything.)
nate said…

Sorry for not writing sooner but I'm not sure I'll be able to go early tomorrow (I'm on baby duty). I can probably get over to the coast around 9-9:30 so maybe we can meet up then. If not then lets hook up later when/if OBSF starts to turn on this Fall. You can get in touch with me at

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