Perfect surf car!

A "bunch of links" post this morning

First off

Point Never

(which of course describes a point you are never gonna surf! what else,  well maybe a variety of interesting publishing projects but I'm just guessing )

Next up

Buoy Alarm

(this site lets you set a buoy to ring at a certain time waking you up, every morning.  the swim out to the buoy to hit the snooze alarm is good for you)

Which leads us to

In the Valley of the Leafing

(a nice arty site with trippy movies from the NW.  no really)

Then there is my personal vote for best blog name


(more hand planes hmmmm)

Lastly but not leastly

Factory Surfing

(sadly, no one standing on top of the building surfing the factory, but nice boards though)

Finally what you have all been waiting for!

This is the perfect surf car!

(well I guess it needs racks)

Photo coming from the Happy Barracuda website


pranaglider said…
looks like another interesting morning before the 30 percent chance of rain and SSW winds kick up.

I'm going back to bed you can have my waves

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