I hate surf racks

Surfboards require surf racks

I have to say

I hate surf racks

with racks you have two options

hard and soft

with hard racks everything is modular

so first you buy the towers and the bars

then you get the appropriate fit kit to attach the whole shebang to your gutterless car

then you get to your attachment options

so you can carry your board, your bike and maybe a moosehead

and if you would like to lock your racks to the car, that’s extra

so like 500 bucks later you can put your board on the car and go to the beach

the whole deal is just slightly less expensive than buying a car with rain gutters and getting a pair of Aloha racks

I think this is why I got a mat in the first place

I do have soft racks

50 bucks, but you have to put them on and off the car every time you go

a plethora of nylon straps that vibrate in the wind

I hate surf racks

So I rode the long board yesterday

(get the loooogs ready!)

actually that was fine

It's a lot of rail

that isn't shaped anything like

a wave face

I’m looking forward to getting to the mid lengths soon


Anonymous said…
are you living in the dark ages? My Escalade came with racks, so none of that Yakima hoohaw
Worm said…
gutterless hard racks. they are exactly the same as the aloha ranks on my valiant but work on my sedan. they're $100 and more trustworthy than soft racks.

flippers and handplanes are still better though
pranaglider said…
Worm, I used those on my old Camry (worked great!) but they don't fit the new Cams. I guess I will just have to revel in the "flippers and handplanes"!
Worm said…
the racks didn't fit on my car so i cut those hook things that are suppose to attach to the car (but don't) and attached a strap that goes through the inside of the car.
Piskian said…
Those American tanks are so high,just strap your boards to the underneath!Mats all the way,by the way.

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