I haven't done a "walk around the garden" post in a fortnight

The persimmon crop was neither large nor small and the squirrels took their tax. 

I left the last wave of tomatoes on the vine. Maybe next year I'll have some volunteers ...

"Split and Drop" is going to be the name of my new punk band.
The trees are stressed from the drought 

The figs produced a big crop earlier this year. The squirrels liked those too...

These miraculously turned into


Wishing you and yours a blessed Samhain
another joyous trip around the wheel

May whatever is left in the candy bowl
be something you like


pranaglider said…
Normally I would have added Neil Youngs video of Harvest Moon to the post but EVERYTHING on youtube comes with an ad now and it being election season I thought I would just save us all the aggravation. That said feel free to crank up the old Victrola with something nice.

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