UDTs - jeroboam

The UDT is a lot of fin. The jeroboams of the fin set. Some prefer them right out of the box, as is. Some like to mow them down here and there, tuning them to their particular foot shape and desired flex profile.

You can't tuna fish but you can tune your fins.

Here are some pictures that I hope will give you the relative size of UDTs compared to Duckfeet. The Fin on the top is a Super Extra Large Voit  Duckfoot, the middle fin is an extra large and the bottom one is a large UDT. On my feet the UDT's have a noticeably wider foot pocket. Nice when you are wearing the winter booties. I have trimmed mine down a bit. Kind of asymmetrical in design though more from my lack of skills with tools rather than a test of an interesting hypothesis.

I have already trimmed almost an inch off the top of the side ribs of the UDTs.

Big Big Fins!

And the thick ribs go all the way to the end.

I'm heading toward thinning the tips of the fins, those last couple of inches to give me a quick forward jump when needed. The experiment continues.

Share your experiences in the comments.

I am definitely not trying to discourage anyone from getting a pair of UDTs.
I'm stoked I got mine and they are great fins.
If you can use them right out of the box they are the most powerful fin in the world.
They are the only long fins on the market that accommodate wide feet and with a little work you can make yourself some custom fins that work perfect!


Quiver said…
As someone with wide feet, I second the opinion that these are great fins for us. The power is valuable when chasing small waves, getting in waves early, or sprinting to dodge a wave to the head while paddling out. I have an unmodified pair I use for extra small days, or waves that I want to get in early for whatever reason. I have a pair I've been altering to fit a more mid-range of days. The funny thing is, I use the unaltered pair the most!
joe green blue said…
duck feet xtra large regular are my choice i use them for body surfing since i can not mat.
Piskian said…
Well,I'm 5'7''on a good day,and have legs like pipecleaners.Been using new green and brown,and yellow/black ones for a few years now,no probs.Much more snap than the old ones.No need to trim!
Piskian said…
Joe,noone cannot mat.In fact,thinking that you can't may be the secret!
Paul Gross said…
"If you think you can mat, you are right. If you think you can't mat, you are wrong."

Henry Ford
pranaglider said…
Joe Green Blue is surf buddy that goes back decades. When he says "he can't mat" he is just around the corner from the big ah-ha moment. I'm dragging him to the next mat meet.

Oh and Paul, I didn't know Henry Ford said that!

Quiver said…
I think a mat meet is just what I need to clear my head. When and where?
pranaglider said…
Quiver I hear rumblings on facebook I'll post something if a meet materializes

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