It's like living on a boat
not the "let's have rum drinks while sitting on the fan tale and complain about docking fees"
living on a boat
but the real life
everything I own is wet and mouldy

I feel like Opus in Bloom County
a penguin that has a chronic personal moisture issues
but I digress..

the cat
he hates the rain
any kind of moisture really
he hates each individual drop

right now
he has been out doing his morning routine
checking the perimeter for
who knows what
and now his tail is wet
and of course
this is my fault
as his staff
I exist only
to do his
or I get a quick claw
to my mouldy leg

Summertime and the livin' is easy


tuskedbeast said…
The weather is "off" up here in San Francisco too, as it was last year too. Knowing what we know now about climate change (and accelerated climate change no less) make scenes like the one captured here:

-just feel weird and ominous, instead of enjoyable aberrations, as in times past.

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