Should be a Hoedown post...

I should be writing a Handplane Hoedown post

but as I sit here sweltering in the heat at 5am

I can't seem to shift my focus to it...

Besides I need to filter thru the 200 plus photos

(there are some good ones!)

I should have done that on Saturday or Sunday

but both days it was too hot

the idea was replaced by a glass of ice water and a nap....

So let's talk about the heat!

Late Summer heat waves aren't uncommon here

the records we have been breaking the last few days are from 1984

but we are surpassing those records by a half a dozen degrees!

The Almanac tells me that today's temps will be 28 degrees above normal

I like to play a game

in the Winter and the Summer

I try an remember what it was like during the last season

how cold the air felt during the winter...

the feeling in my sinus' breathing in those first cold breaths after stepping outside in the morning

how cold my not yet numb toes felt as I pulled on my wet booties

(they never completely dry out in the Fall and Winter months)

The ice cream headache after duck diving the first set and coming up in the middle of the behind the wave rain shower of an offshore morning...

how you had to really focus to get your frozen fingers to work your car key in the lock

the feeling of warmth of that first post surf cup of coffee spreading out thru your chest and belly...

We will have a couple more hot days

then the cooling begins and by Friday things will be better...

Stay cool my friends!


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