This is a post from a while back
About the cold
About Winter

So as you sweat and swelter thru today
Remember the Winter
Winters past
Winters future

Hot and Cold
just labels
on facets
no difference


It's winter time in the northern hemisphere.

It’s cold outside.
It’s windy
the surf is getting worse
and I’m putting on a cold still wet wetsuit

I wrote that last winter.
I didn't date that comment in my journal
Probably around January.

Booties and the legs of your full suit never seem to dry completely
from one go out to the next
for about three months

"Take long walks in stormy weather or through deep snows in the fields and wood, if you would keep your spirits up. Deal with brute nature. Be cold and hungry and weary"

Henry David Thoreau

Even though I live in sunny Southern California winter sea temps are in the mid 50's and when you add the wind chill factor it’s a tad chilly for me.

You when you look at the conditions our northern brothers and sisters deal with on a regular basis I am the first to admit I have it easy and warm.
The point is, we all have a relationship with the cold.

What's yours?

Do you ignore it? Hide from it? Complain? Joke about it?

It doesn't seem to matter how cold. It's relative cold. 

If it was 20 degrees out, I wouldn't leave the house. 

But in the same temperatures, the Nova Scotia surf crew would be skipping to the beach, in shorts.

(OK maybe skipping is an over dramatization but you get the idea)

The point being that it is all in your head.

One of very few things you actually have some control of (exercising that control is another thing).

Think about that the next time you are in the parking lot putting on a damp full suit and wet smelly booties.


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