Eddy are you kidding?

Over the weekend, and off and on for weeks really, we had what is known as a "Coastal Eddy"

If you are unfamiliar, a coastal eddy is,

"When the wind is blowing mainly parallel or along the coast line,  the frictional drag of the wind over the land is more than that over the water and can cause a curl or twist to develop along the coast in the wind field, this curl or coastal eddy (term comes from fluid dynamics) will cause an increase in lift within the atmospheric eddy due the the curl of the wind (for the mathematicians, the curl of the vector or Del dot V with V being a vector). This is known as vorticity which is a lifting mechanism and can be responsible for the triggering of thunderstorms."

When I looked out the window either morning over the weekend it looked like it had rained and was going to rain some more. The eddy in addition to blowing out any surf spot without side wind blockage also pushes a lot of the damp marine layer onto the land.

Oh goody

So with the rest of life's little problems, I have come to address it by playing some music.

In my youth I fell in with a bad crowd.

They surfed

They listened to Frank Zappa

We were melodically enhanced!

Nuff said.

The song immortalized Eddy of Zachary All, a discount suit store located in LA who did his own TV commercials which were burned into the consciousness of anyone foolish to watch late night TV.

Oh and now that I am back at work the weather is due to improve.

High pressure is building and temperatures are rising.

I'll sit at my desk, arraigning ones and zeros, softly singing,

"Eddy are you kidding? I'm coming over shortly, because I am a portly, because you said you could fit me into a fifty dollar suit!"

Ingratiating in El Serracho's video because,


El Serracho! said…
let me just try a little youtube integration...ahh here it goes

tuskedbeast said…
Portly, longs, extra longs and cadets.

I think you have a few years on me, but we basically grew up in the same area around the same time, and apparently had the same sorts of friends (that was one of my first albums) and also ride mats.

pranaglider said…
Tusky - We should meet up for a surf!
tuskedbeast said…
We should indeed! Still have yet to see another mat surfer in the water....
tuskedbeast said…
I'm keeping an eye out for mat meet 2011

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