Bloom County

Although it took two days, JJ and I finally got some surf this weekend.

On Saturday we had hopes of brisk offshores grooming some leftover swell to perfection.

What we got was fog, side shore winds, high tide and smallness.

Our preferences didn't match up with reality

Sort of like my lawn

What I would like is a totally retro fit to California native plants.

Virtually no upkeep and beautiful flowers and foliage.

What I have is a 50's left over of non native grasses and a pleatura of weeds

But what is a weed but something you would prefer not to have growing in the garden?

Upon taking a closer look you might find an incredible creation so well designed that it will not only outlast me personally by probably the whole of mankind. 

So your approach seems to have quite the effect on your perception.

Take another flower example

A vine know locally as honeysuckle. Left on it's own, it may take over your shed or even your house if you aren't careful. But the flowers each hold a single drop of delicious nectar. Any elementary school child can spend an hour plucking the flowers, tearing the back off the flower and sucking the nectar like some sort of giant humming bird.

So back to the surf on Sunday.

My only expectation was that it wouldn't be any good at all.

I was greeted by mild off shore winds, crisp clear weather and 2-3 foot peelers.

It looked perfect to me.

Two hours later I'm sitting in the warmth of an unseasonable SoCal heat wave feeling waves of endorphins crashing over my cerebellum.

It was a good day.

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