the art and science of capturing light

I have seen some interesting things on the mat.

Maybe I should say I've had some interesting perspectives from the mat.

So I have been thinking of ways to capture the the "view".

I have been avoiding getting into the whole photography thing because I view it as so complex.

(Photography being the art and science of capturing light you know)

So I was wondering if any of you had any experience with the waterproof digital options out there.

I have been looking at the GoPro Helmet deal.

Since I am preaty busy "flying the mat" so I am thinking of something, maybe helmet mounted.

To make it more interesting, I have a budget of zero, so the cheaper the better.

(Otherwise I would contact any of the high dollar providers of equiptment.)

So let me know if any of you have had any luck / experience in this area.


Unknown said…

if you're looking into cheap, i can pass on a waterproof helmet video cam that I don't use.

Go to-

to see what I'm talking about.

I haven't used it much because the quality is pretty crappy along with other issues i can go into detail about. But its something to try.

Lemme know
23 Breaths said…

Your offer is too kind.

I would love to try your rig for a few sessions.



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