Beyond the Current Event Horizon


I thought I would paddle out old style, under my own power even though everyone takes the water taxi out to the lineup now a days.

It not a taxi of course, but a custom backwash wave that moves you from the shore out to the waves
or where the waves will be, its sheet glass right now, not even a ripple.
The artificial off shore wind machine hadn’t started yet.

The waves I ordered from Surfline won’t be arriving for another 15 minutes yet.
Surfline – “Let us know before you go and we’ll make it so".

The weather modification technologies that became available after the big nano tech breakthrough allow the onetime forecasting company to manufacture swell to order now.  I have been following the storms since I put my order in and the waves will arrive right on time or your money back. LOLA wave modeling programs which started off modeling swell and bathymetry now worked in conjunction with an AI and nano tech in the sea floor to provide the perfect ocean floor for the swell directions. Directions plural because the Surfline WaveMaker 2.0 release guaranteed that several swells could be generated to arrive at exactly the prearranged time and coordinates. Perfect "A Frame" peaks every time, unless you request something that wraps…

It was going to be my first go out on my new mat, a PranaGlider-23B.  I had just printed it and a new pair of Yucca fins out from a 3D printer right on the beach. Carrying around gear stopped when you could save your personal designs and modifications and then print it out with a 3D Ink Jet. When you are done the molecules are released back into the atmosphere as non polluting particles. 

The mat has a wave / sea floor interface with auto inflation and instant volume adjustment. The mat is filled with hydrogen gas it extracts out of the water and into the mat thru a smart membrane all controlled by direct neural connection with the visor I wear. It all happens in a millisecond. The AI in the mat monitors the wave, the ocean bottom and your body language and handles all the details. Sometimes I'll hack the program so I can drive. Just like the old days.

I have just enough time this morning to catch 2 of the three thousand yard rights I ordered 10 days ago. My friends think I’m crazy for ordering up waves and then letting them go unridden.  There is something about watching a wave peel off down the beach perfect and untouched that I find exciting and after the first two I am usually ready for a break.


Joe Crawford said…
Waveriding science fiction is good.

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