The Board Room - Monday Edition

The first thing you see when you enter The Board Room
(Yes apparently my left leg is significantly shorter than my right at this point)

I could go to a surfboard show, just see this one surf vehicle and go home happy.
Made in the mid sixties I think there is a good argument that, 
fifty years later, nothing is any better or that there has been anything nearly as
You have to remember that when Greenough came up with these spoons everyone was riding 10 foot D fin longboards with big fat round rails and not much if any rocker.
"Ok let's cut the length in half, put a fin in it that looks like a fish and thin it out so the glass on the top and bottom meet, because it needs to flex as it screams off the bottom.
It's fortunate that George wasn't locked up by his friends.
"Sorry George but you have gone round the bend"
George hadn't gone round the bend, 
he had just gone up the point to Indicators where he redefined what surfing is

(*if you have the waves for it)

This booth had some excellent and progressive shapes

Why did I choose to take a picture of the gas can guitar?

No idea.

Lets move along

 You know your trade show has grown up when they have a full bar!

the only inflatable at the show!

That's it for today, I'll have more pics and witty repartee tomorrow


piskian said…
You couldn,t put castor wheels on a bar over here.It,d be gone!
Pity no cranked up Flowrider there to try Velo....
Tom Threinen said…
Nice Lis fish in that first photo!
pranaglider said…
Piski,True and true.

Tom, That pic was for you!

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