When the going gets weird the weird turn pro

It's not that today's post has anything to do with Hunter S. Thompson

but as I "walked me out in the morning dew"

providing the very best

feline protection services

available at this price point

Reflecting, as I am wont to do,

about the contest

(young male hormones at their very best)

the subsequent "riot"

(young male hormones at their very best)

and the lead story on one of the new breed of surf websites

which features a group of young women (clad for a night on the town, of course)

surfing some soft tops, in Bali, in HIGH HEELS

once again, lets all say it together

(young male hormones at their very best)

All of this on the heels

(I'm sorry I tried to resist the pun, I really did)

of a, by all accounts questionable

video of the morning routine of a young woman

about to surf

(in a contest? I was never really sure)

Long strange trip indeed,

Happy Birthday Jerry!


Unknown said…
brilliant - as usual
Prana for Mayor
Anonymous said…
Grateful Dead Downhill from here Alpine Valley 7/17/1989


great show....

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