Increases for Various Annual State Park Passes

California State Parks today announced it will be raising the price of four of its annual passes as of May 1, 2012.
Day use and camping fees will remain at 2009 levels.
The passes to be increased are as follows:
Annual Passes to be Raised

Annual Pass from $125 to $195
Golden Poppy Vehicle Day Use Pass from $90 to $125
Boat Use Pass (Sticker)from $75 to $100
Limited Use Golden Bear Pass from $10 to $20

The last major fee increase was in August 2009, when State Parks raised the price for day use and camping, but did not raise the price of the above listed passes. This increase will bring the price of the annual passes more in line with the standard of 12-15 visits to pay for an annual pass. State Parks is not sure of how much revenue this will generate in the short term, but roughly estimates between $1 million and $1.5 million per year more for state parks as visitors get accustomed to the new prices. This is not enough to prevent park closures brought about by the $22 million reduction in the State Parks’ budget, but it will help mitigate the severe service reductions at parks remaining open throughout the system.

Link to the  CA parks pages

In my neck of the woods almost all the beaches are controlled by the state so a state parking pass is a must.
It's as critical as a cup of coffee in the morning for a successful wave hunting expedition.

BTW $195.00 is 53 cents a day up from average cost of 34 cents a day at the old prices.

Such a deal!


Brine Time said…
that sux
do they actually do anything with the fees or is it another tax in disguise?
pranaglider said…
They built the parking lots and they maintain the bathrooms. I suppose I would be an even bigger zoo during the summertime without it.

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