Sacred Craft

Heading down to the Sacred Craft show this Saturday.

It's an interesting event, part trade show, part shaping competition, part antique roadshow and maybe the biggest  corner  surf shoppe in existence for two days.

I love surf craft of all sorts and as an unrepentant rail fondler I'm in heaven for a couple of hours.

This years exhibition also honors Carl Ekstrom who has been innovating and designing futuristic surfboards for decades

May be I will have an opportunity to discuss surf mats with Mr. Ekstrom.

I think he would like an actively shape changing surf vehicle with variable volume.

If Kelly Slater stood up on a mat everything would change.

Enjoy it while you can, in the 40's and 50's when surfing was a super fun fringe activity no one had any idea it would ever turn out like it has.

Years from now at the 2050 "Blow Up or Go Home Festival" this year honoring Greyman for his contributions to colorizing surf mats, Surfsister,  now the publisher and editor-in-chief at SurfMatters Journal, will be lecturing on the early mat meets and the "Ohana of the Surfmatters" and how it relates to early Polynesian Culture.


I'll probably still be pondering how to get grip to stick to the feckin thing!!!


pranaglider said…
vulkem! if that is what you are using then I got nothin. It looks good and that's the only think people will remember! hmmm There are some spray adhesives that you might investigate, a tad toxic but what the heck. Oh how about silicone sealant?
I'm not waxing it. Thats no kinda grip, especially on a ultra light taffeta weave.

I've used Soudal Fix All. The re-do with the layer of contact adhesive on first has promise but I won't know til a test drive.

Kirk said…
Prana, I'll be in Carl's booth with a few Mackies and an old school UK bellyboard, come by and say hello
Josh Aggars said…
Surfsister rules! Mary hadn't told me about that. Sounds like a great weekend.

I do hope Kelly Slater never does stand up on a Mat. The fringe is where it's at.
pranaglider said…
Kirk, I'll definitely stop by for a chat, you had me at Mackies!

Josh, We in the fringe are safe as long as Mr. Slater is contractually obliged to surf only the products of his corporate overlords.
Surfsister said…
Oh, Josh!! Do you hear yourself (thinking I was already the editor and going to be lecturing at Sacred Craft this weekend)? Thanks for thinking so highly of me that you believed it possible in 2011.

2050? I'll be 87 years old, Prana—probably fully in the throes of Alzheimer's and deaf in one ear . . . with a limp from having worn out three titanium knees. And you expect me to lecture on top of that. If nothing else, it will be entertaining!
pranaglider said…
Surfsister, you forget that the crowd will be in the same condition;) You could raffle off one of the old knees to the benefit of the charity of your choice!!!

Take a while, think about it

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