True Brew

I won't be going to the Sacred Craft Expo this weekend in Del Mar.


But since it's honoring Dick Brewer I thought I would dig out my Brewer for a little quiver post.

The "Brewer Fins" were designed to be thicker so a layer of wood was laminated on each side.
I also think it was faster to build up the panel, it floated (somewhat) and it looked cool!
Cut laps, tints and pin lines, from back in the good old days!

I always liked the pin tail with wings!
The tight corners made the wings tough to shape, glass and sand.
The surf leash demolished what material was left and this board
needs fill work on both sides to repair the damage.

Classic beak nose with plenty of foam.
Rocker? Don't need no stinking rocker!

Bad photo angle makes the board look nine feet long.
And I should have cleaned it up first
And my lawn looks like crap!
That little decal up from the leash plug says "Shaped by Joe Blair"

6'7" - 14 nose - 19 wide - 13 tail with the wide point one inch up from the center 3.25 thick

These were classic dimensions at the time, and since Brewer shaped a lot of the Clark blank plugs everyone shaped similar dimensions.

A friend brought this T-shirt back from the islands for me.

"The finest hand crafted precision surfboards in the world"

So if you are fortunate enough to make it to the expo, take a good look around.

His list of innovations is too numerous to mention and the list of shapers who followed in his footsteps is longer still.

In the sixties and seventies, Brewer was "THE MAN" to get a board from when you hit the islands.

For a lot of people he still is.

Check out this shot at a recent contest in honor of Eddie Aikau
When it's big in the islands, people are still going for their Brewer's.


pranaglider said…
Forgot to mention this was my regular board for the local river mouth from the late 70's thru the early 80's
Beetlejuice said…
I want that tool ! how much ?!
pranaglider said…
When I get all the dings fixed I'll let you ride it for sure!
Beetlejuice said…
Joe Blair is at Sacred Craft,I told him about your stick.
Quiver said…
I just picked up a used Buttons Hawaii 6'7" Pipeliner shaped by Owl Chapman. The fin it came with doesn't look very good to me and I am considering changing it. The glimps of the fin on you're Brewer makes me think the fin I have is "proper" for this style of board. Please post a better photo of the fin and a few dimentions, if you get a chance. Thanks!

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