Mat Tastic!

As promised here are the new mat photos of Warren Pfeiffer of Yamba, NSW Australia.

All photos by Dane Peterson, see more or purchase photos at

Since these pictures came to me through a third party (Thanks Dale) I don't know anything about the day, the swell, the vibe, what Warren and Dane had for breakfast etc.

So the what I can tell you is that all shots are of Warren Pfeiffer and all pictures are by Dane Peterson.

I have traded some emails with Warren in the past and he is one of those guys who surfs his brains out and is always happy to share.

I have never met Dane but you have no doubt seen his work in the usually mags as well as his two recent cover shots on the Surfers Journal.  

Nice flight across the wall of this wave. He is using the tip of his inside fin to extent his water line as well as pressure on the inside rail to stay high and drive.

The speed from the shot above puts Warren in the tube and staying there for the foreseeable future.

The next wave starts with a nice turn off the bottom. His edge is set and he is flying!

He is using his inside fin to extend his line and gaining some altitude for the drive through the inside section.

Burning the speed from the shot above, Warren stalls and sets up the section. Check the spray coming off the bottom during the stall, also note the arch in his back.  He doesn't want to get to the party too early!

Warren about to enjoy the fruits of his labors!

Back dooring the tube, fins up to minimize drag for now, the mat is twisted to form a fast interface within the barrel. Warren focused and looking down the line.
In his mind he already there...

Warren, low focused and flying!


Great "play by play" description of the wave/ride

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