a story for others to tell

I usually comment and or rant on the act of mat riding in this blog.

Although I do post time and space coordinates for the occasional mat congregation. (More on that coming soon.)

Today's post concerns recent events that are unfolding in the commercial space that mat building occupies.

You can read about the latest here at Surfmatz.com

The just of it is as follows.

The URL http://surfmat.com points Internet users to Dale Solomonson's website at http://neumaticsurfcraft.homestead.com/.

Information on the website include Dale's contact information for ordering one of his mats.

At some point, clicking on URL surfmat.com sent users to the 4 gear flyer website where there is historical info on spoon and mat riding and a online ordering system to order a 4GF mat.

How and why that happened I have no idea.

It does seem like there may be more to the story.

But that is a story for others to tell.

As for myself, I do have a plan.

I will sit down, put on my fins, blow up my mat half way and go for a surf.


asmith said…
Industrial espionage of the most nefarious;)

Nothing like a Neu! (I thought of that myself.
Anonymous said…
this adds dramatically to world tension. critical mass imminent
23 Breaths said…
I really hope to see this working out ok. How exactly I have no idea. I think their may be some history with Dale and Paul. It's for them to work out.
Anonymous said…
As of today there are over 75,485,516 active .coms

What are the odds-

Inquiries and orders from one website are re-directed to another, the first website's one and only competitor in the world.

Immediately after the re-direction received widespread attention, traffic to the original website was mysteriously returned.

The causes are few.

Coincidence is not one of them.

For certain, someone malevolent, with the means, motive, and opportunity, is sitting back, laughing.

Just another day on the internet.
Brian McKie said…
So how come you took the link to 4gf down?
Just going to put your fins on and go surf I would say not.
23 Breaths said…
Brian - I did remove the link as you mentioned. I doubt that the
4GF guys are affected at all by it. I’m just trying to keep this site simple. Since I don’t ride a 4GF I don’t feel qualified to offer an opinion or to imply an endorsement. I only have one mat (two if you count the intel) it's a Neumatic and so I have a link to Dale's page. I still link to surfmatz.com and there are links to 4GF there if someone wants to contact them about mats or spoons.
Brian McKie said…
It's your blog and you can do as you like.
23 Breaths said…
Brian - Why don't you drop me a line at 23breaths@gmail.com? I would like to know what your take on all this is. Thanks Bruce

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